Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Father, Al Almada (1936 - 2012)
Soulstream is continuing to evolve as we have returned to something approaching a normal schedule since the death of my father. I've been dealing with a sick mother and surgeries for the past 8 months as a result of the strains of taking care of Dad during his difficult passage. Things have settled down and we're finally getting back to a normal schedule and the readings have become even better as I've incorporated the lessons from Dad's passing.

Dad was always a skeptic about the paranormal, until his own ghost sighting one month before his passing. It was with some satisfaction that I saw the sheer surprise in his eyes when he related that he had seen a man in our living room and then watched him vanish without a trace. We had seen these entities for years before he finally had his own encounter and I will never forget his referring to all of this as "bull" and you can fill in the rest ;>)

Last night, just before the show, I witnessed him cross by my room just as my mother had been thinking of him one room over. He has proven to be an effective communicator from the Other Side and I laugh now and simply wait for the experience of him finally getting around to telling me I was right and that he was wrong. Still waiting Pop ;>)

I'm writing  a book about the experiences we had because of his extended illness and the amazing experiences with the Other Side. Dad's gift to me and to the world at large was to show that family on the Other Side can and do help when a loved one is getting set to cross. And I wouldn't change a thing with all of the things that happened, both good and bad. It was simply his way of teaching me more about Spirit and their mysterious and beautiful ways...

In March of 2013, I'm  making the next step happen. I will be getting our business license and going through the process of doing private readings for those who have asked so many times for private readings. The process of healing and moving forward goes on. All because of the miracles that happened over these past six years.

We love you Dad... And Thank You...