Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bringing SoulStream back...

I just did my second radio show on Blogtalkradio of this year. My first show was a couple of weeks ago and it felt good to get back in the chair with my studio and get it all running again.

This show tonight was run from a laptop and a Samsung phone with a Bluetooth speaker/mic combination and it worked beautifully. Not the same quality as my big studio, but it did work and it offers me options since I need at least two studios to work from.

Mediumship and spiritual work is never easy and I find that just diving in and saying to hell with fear gets you back into the Work and doing the job of helping people. I am going to do just that. Reading is an art, a science and a mystery all rolled up into a big ball of "Oh my God... What the hell am I doing?" ;>) It is that fear that propels you forward.

Lucky for me, I have my training to fall back on and it's just a matter of meditating and getting back to the chair and facing it down. I remember doing some appearances on another show on BTR where the mediums were competing against one another and it struck me that mediums should work together, not work at odds against one another. I resolved to myself that I will never get into those situations again, nor will I allow un-screened guests to appear on the renewed show when it reappears on BTR.

Mediumship is a touchy subject and it brings the best and the worst out in people. And doing it on-air really is tough when you are trying to run the entire show yourself without a producer or anyone to screen calls. So... I will be doing the calling for those users who are checked in and have been verified to be real people and there will be no chat room on BTR. It will all be done with validated Facebook profiles or a Google Hangout. So stay tuned as we get back on our feet with all of that ;>)

To my guide, Sarah - Thank you for being patient with me. To my friends on Facebook and BTR - Thank you for waiting and your support. To my family and close friends - I love you.