Sunday, February 26, 2012

Record those dreams... Lightened Dream, a free dream journaling tool

One of the things we do on my show is to cover basic techniques that help people to come to terms with their dreams and to take the messages they receive seriously. The problem seems to be that keeping a journal handy and then correlating the dreams is often easier said than done.

As the first "real" article on the SoulStream blog, I made the choice to cover a tool I downloaded to actually do that which I ask my audience to do... recording my dreams. I had a dream this morning that I visited a hospital on the Other Side and that this facility was there to help those who had crossed over to heal and to begin functioning in their new lives in the next world. I awoke happy about this dream and remembered enough that I knew I wanted to record it, but not on some paper I'd lose, but in a software tool I could do meaningful things with later.

So, I researched and came up with Lightened Dream, a dream tracking and lucid-dream development tool that is from the good folks at Lucidcode. The package is free and is one of two download tools available at their web site. Lucidcode also provides a tools for measuring your lucidity (ability to control your dreams and "awake" within the dream to control it's content) and even some custom electronics to help with your adventures while asleep.

The Lightened Dream software is a really remarkable tool for tracking dreams. What struck me was the intelligent manner that the software takes in reading through a dream that is entered. A range of categories are already available in the default profile when the software is started, but you can add to the category list to customize it.

A happy discovery was the "Unassigned" word list that then allows you to drag the words in question to the other category boxes to the right of the Unassigned box. Dreams that contain these words then can be called up by looking at the category list on the left. I am impressed with the flexible nature of the tool and know there is much more it can do.

Graphs with representative data about the dreams are integrated intelligently in the package.

While I only have one dream entered into the package thus far, it is clear there is a world of functionality in the tool that one only needs to explore to fully appreciate.

I will certainly be using the software to track my dreams and see where this leads me.

There are extra features with subliminal word displays that you can customize for your needs, REM cycle tools that I can only begin to guess at, likely a tool for helping you begin to come to terms with your REM cycle sleep and affect (will update later as I come to know more), a "Checks" button that appears to be some kind of tool for helping check where you are in an active dream state?, subliminal word displays as mentioned earlier (customizable), a "Recordings" button (empty when I pressed it, so I'm guessing this is a place to record dreams), a "Readings" button that has readings that then are displayed full-screen when the "Play" button is pressed. You can enter your own customized readings into this area. And finally, an "Exercises" button which I believe has to do with recording one's various attempts at lucid dreaming.

Again, I'm still learning what this package is about, but for a free dream recording tool with a wealth of other functions, it is an awesome piece of work and looks to be quite useful. More articles on Lightened Dream will be forthcoming to report on what we've learned in the future!

Download Page: Lightened Dream

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  1. Windows 7 can run the Microsoft Agent software via a special hotfix that then allows the "Merlin" character to work with the Lightened Dream software - visit to choose the version for Windows 7 you need - it is available for 32 and 64-bit systems. Follow the prompts, extract the zip file and then run the installer. No reboot needed. Then restart Lightened Dream and voila!